Play free online Video Poker for fun before gambling.


Those guys, who love classic card games but forgot them a bit as they are gambling actively now, can refresh their memories and choose free online Video Poker. This is the same “classic” game, but you do not see the other players — you see the screen of your laptop or a smartphone. The “cards’ battle” takes place there.

Traditionally, free online Video poker games are offered in a great variety, but all of them have a common feature; the rules there are almost identical. These are the most “intellectual” games, and those, who win in Poker, are experienced and skilled gamblers that think a lot before they take any decision and choose the cards.

Although it may seem to you that this game is not too much complicated, it is easy to make many mistakes here. Therefore, start with Video Poker online free before gambling and using your money.

Playing free online Video Poker slots

The variety of free online Video Poker slots and jackpot Poker gaming machines can confuse even the best gambler. It is not so easy now to pick the one, as all of these games have specific features and bonuses that attract players.

Despite the fact that it is quite simple to start playing Video Poker online free, it is very difficult to master special strategies. The tactical game will allow you to take advantage of the machine, and you can achieve a high RTP. To do it, simply look through the PayTable before, during, and even after the game. It will be your best helper.

Understanding the pay table

The Payout table here uses the traditional ranking of “classic” Poker hands. However, it is not necessary to know everything in the beginning: check these rules online, choosing the free Poker version, and with time, you will get the needed professionalism.

After all, the slot will independently mark the completed card combinations after each hand, according to which you will be paid a prize. Later, when you realize that you are familiar with certain strategies and know all the available combinations, gamble. But even in this case, do not forget to look through the table available in all free online Video Poker slots (and in Joker Poker as well).

Types of Video Poker slots

When you are looking for the card games, pick Video Poker. The variety of these gaming machines is so great, that soon, you will want to try gambling, using all of them. Here are the most interesting and attractive games for most players.

  1. Double Joker free online Video Poker. Here, Microgaming offers you to pick the maximum 25 coins bet and check if you are a lucky guy in a Risk game. Joker replaces any card.
  2. Jackpot Poker. Play’n Go invented this game for the players who adore cards but also hunt for a Jackpot. Here, you play 3 hands.
  3. Oasis Poker. In this NetEnt game, you will need to choose the table where you will play. This slot resembles real classic Poker.
  4. Triple Pocket. Choosing this NetEnt slot and the maximum 200 coins bet, you can win thousand, although, no jackpot is available here.

Advantages of playing free

Before you take risks to make a real bet, play Video Poker online free. This choice will be the best decision for a newbie, who is thinking about gambling and yet does not know all the rules of this intellectual game.

It is real and total fun, as you know that you do not lose even if you are a loser, but you always win, as you learn here something new and get gambling skills. After you tried free online Video Poker, choose its real money version, for instance, Double Bonus Poker.